In 2020, while the world shut down, Magnetic opened up. Founded by the banks of the Yarra River in beautiful Melbourne, Australia, Magnetic has grown to attract clients from all over the world. It’s our business – and our pleasure – to get to know the people we work for, from Dallas to Vancouver, Bris-vegas to Burnaby.

We’re proud to adhere to a set of values by which we work and live.

We are kind: Every interaction is based on respect.

We are curious: Tell us more about that?

We tell the truth with charm:  We never lie. We never mislead. Our work and our actions are unmistakably authentic, placing everything in its most appealing light.



If you watch TV, donate to a charity or have an interest in architecture and design, chances are you’ve seen Deborah’s work.

A long-time Creative Director, writer and moving image director, Deborah founded Magnetic to reflect her values: honesty, authenticity and respectful collaboration.

With a long-established reputation as an ‘ideas machine’, Deborah now leads our lovely Magnetic team – a group of likeminded, incredibly talented creatives, strategists, web developers and account directors – who come together to do great work for great clients.
No ego, just a genuine drive to deliver the best job every time.



A promise is a promise.

We believe in authenticity over empty promises, excellence at every opportunity and open, respectful collaboration. We act with kindness, curiosity and integrity. Always.
These are our guiding principles – you’ll see them in action every day.



Without connection, life’s… well… meaningless. We’re called Magnetic because we believe there’s nothing more powerful than connecting people, bringing together ideas and kick-starting action.



For us, the work is all about you.
To go beyond the ordinary, we listen to you, your needs and your greatest aspirations, then translate it into work that’s as exciting for you as it is for your audience.


Smarter, not more expensive

We keep it streamlined.
You won’t be paying for extra people or processes.
While our work might solve complex challenges, our approach is direct and efficient so you get outstanding, timely quality without excessive cost.



We’re proud to build long-lasting, genuinely trusting relationships with our clients.
The majority of clients that we met at the beginning of our journey are with us today.
They’ve seen us grow and we’ve helped them shine. What could be better?